• What will our company receive from Candidate Video?

    Candidate Video provides a complete video interview pre-screening solution. You can create an unlimited number of vacancies and invite candidates to record their answers to your specific questions. The number of candidates who can record interviews is dependent on the subscription level you select. For example, our ‘Premium Package’ allows you to view up to 500 video interviews per month across multiple job vacancies.

  • How long do subscriptions last?

    Subscriptions last for one month from the commencement of each cycle while subscriptions are maintained.

  • How many users can I have on one account?

    You can share access to your Candidate Video account with an unlimited number of colleagues within your company.

  • How long are my interviews stored for?

    Interviews are stored for 30 days after the closing date of any vacancy.

  • How do I pay?

    Payments can be made by credit or debit card.

  • Why use Candidate Video instead of Skype or similar?

    Candidates record and upload their video and this can then be viewed at a time of your choosing. When arranging a live conference call each person must be available at an agreed time, which is both limiting and time consuming. You are now free to view several videos in the time it takes to conduct just one skype session.